Garrison Group regularly hires enthusiastic and hardworking business professionals to add value to its customer base with new perspectives coming from new and diverse talent.

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    There is one thing consistent about being the best – a relentless pursuit to be better. At Garrison Group we help fuel that desire.

    We give advice on marketing strategy to some of the leading companies in the world. We pride ourselves on going deep into their challenges and providing solutions that are meaningful, deliverable, and defendable in their market.

    To be a Garrison Group Employee, you should have graduated among the top 5% of your university and have the following attributes:

    • Passion for understanding human beings and their behavior
    • Excellent understanding of marketing
    • Good understanding of mathematics
    • Strong analytical skills
    • Solution driven
    • Innovative
    • Curious

    Roles at Garrison group

    As a consultant you will be measured by the actual value you add to the client’s result, your colleagues’ success, and the knowledge and innovation of the organization. The more value you add, the faster you will move up in the organization.

    We are always interested in good candidates. If you believe you are very good and want to get even better, we want to talk to you.


    As an intern, you will work closely with our team on one of our current projects. This includes completing a variety of tasks including market analysis of competitors and demographics, aid in the development of presentations for clients, and interpreting/organizing data.


    Garrison Group offers you a career where you dive deep into the strategic marketing challenges of some of the leading companies in the world. You will see a wide variety of industries, markets, and regions that together will give you the experience to be a leading marketer. You will be given responsibility for some parts of a larger project, working closely with the rest of the team.


    As a Consultant, you will already have specialized knowledge and a deeper understanding of an industry and/or region. You will be responsible for larger parts of the project and its key deliverables. You will be encouraged to coach junior staff and help develop the knowledge of the organization.

    Senior Consultant

    As a Senior Consultant, you will be the driving force in projects with a deep understanding of the client’s needs and challenges. You will be the guarantee for the client that the project will be delivered on time with the success that is always required.


    Garrison Group Partners are thought leaders with a proven track record in marketing. You will have significantly contributed to the intellectual property of the Group, been progressive in developing the capabilities of your colleagues, and of course delivered outstanding value to your clients. A Partner is the trusted ally of the client, the one they can always count on, and the backbone of Garrison Group.