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Garrison Group is a specialized strategic marketing consulting resource dedicated to achieving exponential growth for our clients all over the world. We have successfully completed projects in more than 30 countries in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, spanning all industries.

Together with our clients, we develop strategies that drive top-line business growth by creating customized go-to-market strategies, based on carefully researched customer insights that serve as roadmaps for stronger brand and product value propositions which, in turn, drive fully integrated brand communication programs.

We firmly believe that vision and knowledge set the tone for an inspired strategy. Sometimes it is necessary to start with the knowledge coming from a carefully researched insight that drives the vision for a brand. On other occasions, a strong vision will need knowledge for successful implementation. Garrison Group delivers in both situations.

As proponents of driving the field of marketing forward, we continuously develop ourselves and share our insights on knowledge and vision. This is why we teach at some leading universities, such as the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth (USA), SKOLKOVO (Russia), the Central European University (Hungary), and the Sales Business School (Spain). We also regularly give keynote speeches.

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Paul Garrison


I think that for any business to grow and succeed in an environment that is only increasing in its competitiveness day to day and constantly throwing up new challenges, you have to start with the realization that all your assets, skills, and capabilities – even your brand equity – are perishable. To stay one step ahead, it is critical to evolve and upgrade your business with new thinking and new ideas – all the time


Ana Matos


Early on I saw that the people that were doing the best in a particular industry or business were deeply involved in the details of the business. You could find them occasionally back in the office, but mostly they were on the sales floor, or out in the market seeing their products and services interact with customers. To be effective in helping these successful people be even better at what they do we need to get out from behind our desks and get out in the market with them. Rolling up my sleeves and putting on my walking shoes – for me, that’s the best part.


Diego San Román


With over 30 years in experience across a range of marketing, business development, sales, market research and customer relationship management roles in global companies (Hewlett-Packard, Samsung and Microsoft) doing business in Europe, US, Latin America and Asia, I find that I get to fully leverage that experience in B2B and B2C consulting projects at Garrison Group while I stay refreshed teaching at the Sales Business School in Madrid.


André Jacques


Every Brand can play a relevant role in someone’s life. A journey through motivations propelled by unique benefits, from fear to excitement, is the bedrock of sustainable value-added brands. That’s why the starting point of brand differentiation is not in pen & paper or lenses & snapshots, but in Humans emotions.


Adina Nica


Whether I’m conducting research projects or offering strategy consultancy to our clients, I have one mission: to help companies fulfil their vision by connecting with the consumer TRUTH. I believe that building a relationship with the consumer is only possible with a deep understanding of the human being behind the “consumer”. My specialty studies are Segmentation and Positioning across a 20 year career starting as a researcher at Mercury and Synovate and then on the client side as Research Manager at Raiffeisen Bank.


Mustafa Kelekci


Having 20+ years of research experience, I have realized that getting insights with research was only one part of the equation. What all the brands are looking for is not only insights but also what to do to with them and how to implement. Research is great to identify and then reach the right people as long as you ask the right questions or it will not deliver. Insights from the research have to be actionable and how to take action on them is crucial. I believe that marketers do not need to reinvent marketing, just rethink how they do it.


Tatiana Zueva


Working in more than 20 countries and different industries, I find evidence that understanding the human being is crucial to build a strong and emotionally engaging connection between brand and customer.

Delving deeper into human behaviour satisfies curiosity by completing the puzzle to introduce new reasons and interrelationships, but also leads to finding new potential solutions to the complex problems our clients face and take their business to the next level.


Picture of Tatiana Zueva

Andriy Prudius


Having spent over 15 years in strategic marketing consulting and business education I’ve witnessed how those companies who had been continuously developing their core competencies were achieving tremendous results against all odds. As the world speeds up becoming a place of constant changes, successful companies always re-evaluate what they do and how they can do it better to stay relevant in their stakeholders’ lives.  


Picture of Andiy Prudius

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Garrison Group as strategic marketing consulting resource has helped businesses in the areas reflected on the map. We have collected valuable data and customer knowledge to provide key value to customers in the mentioned countries and aim towards working in new locations to expand our network.