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Garrison Group is a global brand consulting company, founded by Paul Garrison and Ana Matos in 2002, specialized in helping brands grow their business by designing and implementing a powerful Human Centric Marketing Strategy.

We have successfully completed projects in more than 25 countries and currently conduct projects in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, spanning most industries.

With the help of our patented human-centric segmentation model covering 650 million people in 25 countries, we create brand strategies that bring the highest growth and profitability.

Our Strategic
Marketing Philosophy

Today, more than ever, companies must connect emotionally with their consumers. Understanding the customer journey, behavior, preferences, touchpoints, expectations, and perceptions is the first step.

However, at Garrison Group, our strategic marketing approach goes further. We see the customers as the humans that they are. Hence, we take into consideration their emotions, tension points, and their needs – transforming the customer-centric into human-centric.

We will not only help you connect to your customers but we’ll also help you create an emotional bond with them and make your brand unstoppable.

What defines us

We are a global expert committed to getting you the best results. We thrive through honesty, transparency, and professionalism.

We are a global expert committed to getting you the best results. We thrive through honesty, transparency, and professionalism.

Deep understanding of why people do what they do. Providing scientific support for marketing and creative decisions.

Being transformational. Never settling, always trying to improve ourselves and our clients.

We always have your back with full support. We encourage an engaging and close collaboration so you will have an active role in the strategy design.

Boldly leading with the right decisions at the right time. Knowing where the customer is emotionally, enables you to understand where they are going and what they want/need.

Leveraging the key tension points of people’s lives to create a more powerful brand strategy.

Borders don’t stop us.
They enrich us.

We have completed projects in more than 25 countries in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia, across all industries.

We are in the US, Italy, Turkey, Portugal, Spain, Russia, Romania, and Ukraine. But we see ourselves as a Naturally Global company.

Our services and approach don’t see borders, don’t see barriers, and don’t get restrained by a challenge. We would love to partner with you even if you are based in Tristan de Cunha.


Paul Garrison


Paul has worked in marketing and general management for over 30 years. He started out at Procter & Gamble and then went on to serve two stints at Coca-Cola – first in the US, and then later as marketing director for Central and Eastern Europe.
In 2003, he founded the Garrison Group strategic consultancy while being Professor of Marketing and Dean at the Central European University Business School (CEU).
He has teaching experience from leading universities such as Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, Maastricht School of Management and other schools in Vietnam, Egypt, Romania, China, and Peru.

Ana Matos


A senior partner at Garrison Group having been primarily involved in developing and implementing customer-driven growth strategies with clients such as IKEA, Bayer, ING-Insurance, Sonae MC, Sanofi, Raiffeisen Bank, Danone, Coca-Cola, Sony PlayStation, AVON, Pizza-Hut, Starbucks, Carlsberg, among others.
Areas of expertise include customer strategic targeting and segmentation, brand positioning, destination planning, and performance alignment.
In addition to her consulting work, Ana has taught Marketing Strategy at Budapest University of Economics and at Central European University.

Diego San Román


Experienced marketing, business development and sales executive and consultant, working for over 30 years in marketing, business development, sales, market research and customer relationship management roles in global companies, doing business in Europe, US, Latin America and Asia. Currently works in B2B and B2C consulting projects and teaches at Sales Business School in Madrid.
Held management positions in Dominion, Microsoft, Samsung and Hewlett-Packard. As a consultant, held account management positions in advertising and marketing/brand consulting agencies in Spain and the US, where also funded and managed a commercial consulting firm for international customers. Some consulting customers: HP, Telefónica, Warner Home Video, Grupo Repsol, Havana Club, Subaru, Daihatsu, AVIS, Red Bull, Coca-Cola, Nestle, among others.

André Jacques

André Jacques


With a strong marketing and innovation background after serving for fifteen years one of the most competitive industries – beer and beverages, for Carlsberg Group.
Has also served as vice-dean, with CMO responsibility, in Porto Business School.
Recently has engaged in several tech projects: 3D printing, with a global player based in China, Digital Printing with a Portuguese venture and Performance Marketing with a Portuguese start-up.

Adina Nica


Adina has 23 years of experience in market research and strategy consulting, having worked in both research agencies and client side. She has been Head of Research in Synovate (acquired by IPSOS), Subject Matter Expert for CEE and MENA for Censydiam, and Research Manager in Raiffeisen Bank where she has led strategic projects for the bank. She is sharing her knowledge by teaching Market Research in IAA School in Bucharest. She is the founder of local research shop Open-I Research, where she also built a team that conducted the first fRMI study and developed a neuroscience & qualitative investigation methodology.
Adina has a wide experience in strategic projects, from trend investigation, segmentation, high value targeting to positioning strategy. The added value in the projects is given by the pragmatic approach, a lot of curiosity and a thorough understanding of the human behavior, of the tension points that guide the decisions. In recent years, besides the special projects in Romania, he has worked in international projects (Europe, Asia, USA, South America) both to reposition existing brands and to identify opportunities and launch brands in categories with high growth rate.

Mustafa Kelekci


Mustafa Kelekçi is a partner at Garrison Group and owner of Dora Research & Consultancy. Dora Research is highly involved in leading-edge marketing research projects in Turkey and throughout Europe, the Middle East, and Central Asia for many global and local clients.
He has 25 years of marketing research and 12 years of marketing consulting experience. He also has experience in cultural discovery studies. Mustafa was the former Deputy General Manager at Bilesim International which was the biggest local marketing research company in Turkey, acquired by GfK, and former General Manager of a leading Media Data Monitoring Agency named Bilesim Media acquired by Nielsen. He took significant leading roles in the merger and acquisition of these two companies.
He is also a mentor at Workinton Incubation Center, helping several start-ups to grow their businesses.

Tatiana Zueva


Has worked on full scope human-centric marketing projects for both local and global clients, among which can be recalled: Solen (Turkey, USA, Colombia, Poland, Russia, KSA, Iraq, etc.) Siberian Health (Russia, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic and Vietnam), ELLE Norway, Danone, Egmont, etc.
Not only she is used to directly following all analyses behind the assessment phase but is also an expert in dealing with local teams: briefing creative resources of the brand, training salespeople and leading brand teams towards a proper execution of the strategy developed.
In addition to consulting experience, has experience as a Teaching Assistant in Universita Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore in Italy and still helps students to unleash their potential in the business area.

Andriy Prudius

Andriy Prudius


Having spent over 15 years in strategic marketing consulting and business education I’ve witnessed how those companies who had been continuously developing their core competencies were achieving tremendous results against all odds. As the world speeds up becoming a place of constant changes, successful companies always re-evaluate what they do and how they can do it better to stay relevant in their stakeholders’ lives.


Find out how we can empower your brand with a human-centric marketing approach.

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