Human-centric Marketing Approach:


People are driven not only by functional benefits but especially by emotions, needs and experiences.

At Garrison Group, we developed a human-centric marketing approach that goes beyond improving Customer Experience (CX) to deliver a meaningful Human Experience (HX).

Marketing Approach


In order to create brands that meaningfully connect with consumers, we need to have a deeper and broader understanding of who our consumers are as human beings. We need to have a 360° picture and understand WHY they do what they do. This deep human knowledge based on scientific approach is what will make your business grow as it has never grown before – to grow exponentially!

Our human-centric marketing approach is based on 3 main areas.


Based on a proprietary Human-Centric Segmentation we deeply analyze consumers to uncover valuable and actionable human insights and tension points.

Aligned with our human-centric marketing approach, our segmentation focuses not only on B2C, but also B2B – business leaders are humans too! Take this quiz and discover which business leader segment you are!


We leverage the target’s need states and, most importantly, their tension points in a brand architecture to create a powerful brand positioning strategy.

Creative Execution

We dig deep into our target segment life to build a customer journey that ensures we deliver the right message, at the right time and place. Furthermore, we work closely with our clients’ team and external partners to align all brand communications with the target segment and brand strategy.

Our Way of working is based on an Engaging Collaboration

We are more than an external partner. Our approach is a co-creation process.

We share our clients’ passion and work as an extension of their teams giving our full support.

We believe that by working closely together with our clients we can achieve more impactful and long-lasting results. Therefore, we make sure that the project results are a consequence of our collaborative efforts.

Our human-centric marketing approach and methodology incorporate dynamic and engaging tools that can deliver great results and build a close and enjoyable partnership through the process and in the future.

Together we make
an unstopabble


Find out how we can empower your brand with a human-centric marketing approach.

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